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Development and translation


The process of website development and updates.

Good day to all. I'm Aine, the web developer of this wonderful site that gives many people the opportunity to buy handicraft and art supplies at an affordable price. In the light of recent events, I notice how some people sometimes try to tell this store that they do not have the state language on the site and there are reasons why not everything is translated.

Reason #1: My resources are me, I don’t have a team that needs to pay money, because where can I get it?

Reason #2: Complexity of implementation. The process of writing even an ordinary script is the search and creation of solutions for any operations. Yes, it can be done faster, but part of the site will suffer, and the resulting errors can be critical.

Reason #3: Over 8,000 products and variations, 100 different page variations and more. And this is only part of what the average buyer sees.

Reason #4: I have a life. I work on the site out of love and a small fee, but no one forbade living happily. If you find a person who does it for free and is ready to do as any person says, then most likely you are either being deceived or you are deceiving yourself.

If you "know how to do it better" - do it. But only where you are ready to do it.

Respect others and others will respect you.

Proper interaction and communication begins with the first words. If you think that everyone should do as you want and for free, then you need to switch places with a person and look at it. You should not write unnecessary, unpleasant words, because every word is recorded not only in history, but also in relation to you.

And now about the serious.

I urge every person, do not try to scream and accuse if someone does not speak the state language or some of the information is not translated on the site. Don't be nazi and don't feed russian fake news!  To begin with, think about what and how, then find out politely, and then after receiving the answer, just go where you were going. I repeat the translation process is not a matter of a couple of minutes - it is work, a lot of complex work with an approximate cost of over $1000, do you have extra funds for this? Is it clearer now?

Nazism. How long have you heard about it? Personally, I have seen that sh*t and sometimes I see how fake russian news on the topic of nazism in Ukraine is beginning to embody stupid people. Please stop doing this. Be real Ukrainians, live in freedom, fight for freedom in everything. After all, if you give up, then all the lies of russia will turn out to be an imaginary truth.

Respect for the right people from aine.dev

If you want to translate this text go to: https://translate.google.com/

And the colors of banner just a colors.


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